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From 1555 to 1559, John Knox led services in the Auditoire de Calvin that laid the foundation for the future form of worship in the reformed Church of Scotland.

On July 7 1867, the first service was held in the Auditoire according to the custom of the Church of Scotland.

From 1867 to 1925, various Church of Scotland ministers led worship in the Auditoire. the Chappelle des Macchabées, and elsewhere.

There follows a list of Church of Scotland minsters who have served in Geneva since 1926 – unless otherwise indicated, in the Auditoire.

1926–1935 Dr Thomas Watt et al Chapelle des Macchabées
1935–1944 Rev Denzil GM Patrick Various locations
1945–1947 Rev Eric Duncan Chapelle de St. Léger
1948–1955 Rev Dr Robert C Mackie Chapelle de St. Léger
1956–1963 Rev Niall D Watson John R Mott House and Auditoire de Calvin
1964–1970 Rev Peter Logan Ayre Auditoire de Calvin
1971–1977 Rev John B Hood Auditoire de Calvin
1977–1984 Rev Patrick DG Campbell Auditoire de Calvin
1984–1990 Rev Dr William D Cattanach Auditoire de Calvin
1990–1994 Rev Ray Gaston Auditoire de Calvin
1994–2000 Rev James McLeod Auditoire de Calvin
2001–2016 Rev Ian Manson Auditoire de Calvin
2017– Rev Laurence Twaddle Auditoire de Calvin