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Church Finance and Support

Freewill Offering 2021/2022

Many thanks to all those who have given so generously through online means over the course of 2021, especially through the Freewill Offering (FWO) scheme. You have kept the whole Church going. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know about a few changes in the FWO scheme, how to claim your attestation for 2021 and how to continue your membership or join in 2022.

First of all, Makoto Ikeda (Mak) has generously agreed to take on the role of FWO Treasurer from Han Broere who was caretaking the role over the course of 2021 since the former FWO Treasurer, Tom Snow, moved back to the US from Geneva. Han’s contribution has been critical in keeping everything running and we welcome Mak to his new role and thank him for contributing so generously.

Regarding 2021, please bear in mind that anyone resident in Geneva can claim an attestation of their giving to the Church for tax declaration purposes. This can be for contributions made through FWO, for Mission or as a single donation, provided that the contribution can be attributed to the giver and was received by the Church during 2021. Contributions can have been made either materially or electronically. However, attestations cannot form part of tax declarations for residents of either Vaud or France. Given the high number of contributions made online in 2021, it has become very hard to distinguish those made through FWO and those which have been single donations. Whether the contributors have been residents of Geneva or elsewhere has also not always been easy to ascertain. Therefore, we would be grateful if anyone requiring an attestation for 2021 would please contact the FWO Treasurer at fw.treasurer.cos.geneva@gmail.com, to request it.

In 2022, with physical Services now back in place (and, we hope, here to stay), we hope to re-launch the possibility of giving through envelopes in Church, either pink (FWO) or blue (Mission). Anyone subscribing the to the FWO scheme can apply for a supply of envelopes for the year and can do so by writing to the FWO Treasurer at the same address as above. Please note that envelope supplies are not cheap and since none was used in 2021, the supplies for 2021 will be re-cycled in 2022. The confusing factor is that they will still be labeled as for 2021. However, they will be recognized fully as 2022 contributions.

As we look to build up giving to the Church, it would be great to expand the FWO commitments as far as possible and if you would like to join the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the FWO Treasurer. Especially if you have been giving electronically over recent months but only through informal donations, if you would like to become a full FWO contributor, you will be very welcome, as will anyone else thinking of regularizing their commitments.

Our congregation has no external funding, with all of our income coming from the offerings of our members. Our Congregational Committee has been looking at ways both to reduce our expenditure and to raise our income.

Our offerings come in different ways; through our weekly offering plan in which people give money in special envelopes each week, in simple cash that is given in the Sunday offering, and through regular bank transfer.

Should you wish to support the Church, and our activities, contributions can be made to the following account:

IBAN:  CH13 0027 9279 C711 4389 0



Donations may also be made, via PayPal, through the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh, choosing the Geneva congregation.    Details of how to give by this method can be found on the Church of Scotland website http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk

You can obtain more information about ways of supporting our ministry from our Treasurer by using the contact form.

Ewart MacKenzie